Conceived and Performed by Kieron Jina

‘Infectious’-Is a solo performance art piece that focuses on an issue we encounter on a daily basis. You have chosen to turn a deaf ear and now the consequences are near! The unraveling of this character is infectious and silent!



From loud-mouth ‘hookers’ to full nudity, Joburg’s dance scene is full of surprises, writes Adrienne Sichel

“The opening image of Kieron Jina’s Infectious is a red amoeba - like cocoon placed at the end of a glowing red concrete womb of a concrete alcove. A ghostly human head appears from its extremity in an act of birth. Or rebirth? The cho- reographer-performer encased in this gauzy sarcophagus emerges. The cloth he rolls out of, turns into a river of blood, infecting the viewer’s senses with imagery.

This is Samuel Beckett country where every minimalist gesture and prop (flowing skirts, a glowing brazier, a mini green lampshade with a red bulb and a white suit- case) resonates ambiguities. The human essence is unleashed as the tall androgynous figure peels off strata of gender identity as he jour- neys on. White powder cascades out of the suitcase. Standing still the ghostly apparition undergoes another transformation – a foetus is projected onto his torso. The life cycle begins again in this landscape of contagion.”

More than just inspiring thought, the opening night of the Sibikwa Breaking New Ground festival was a real indication of the amount of accomplished dance talent there is in Joburg.

23 November 2010 | ANNETTE BAYNE

“Kieron Jina’s work Infectious was placed within a confined, red-lit box space.

Using depth of field afforded to him by the space, Jina started out as a small bundle at the back of the space.

As he slowly unravelled himself along the floor, he came closer and closer to the audience.”


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22 Breaking New Ground - INFECTIOUS (Kieron Jina) - Nov 2010INFECTIOUS (Kieron Jina) INFECTIOUS INFECTIOUS (Kieron Jina)