Le Genese Selon Lilith

The Genesis According to Lilith
(Reunion Island)

Why is our society based on a patriarchal fashion? Why are men and women not equal or are they? Treated on an equal footing?
In this female perspective on Genesis of the Bible, the cast looks for a new perception of the world, how to go beyond a society ruled by men, what is the origin of male / women past and present influences on our economic worlds, religious, political ... and our physical state of being. The dance explores the relation between love and power ... can one love what you dominate or, conversely, should look elsewhere.
The operation of our civilization takes its origins and explanation in the tales, legends, holy books, Genesis first. Would the world be different if only Lilith was Adam's companion?

Collaborators/ Dancers
Nadjani Bullin (Reunion) Lilith
Sylvia Rakotonahary (Madagascar) Eve
Kieron Jina (South Africa) Adam
LANFROY Marie (Reunion) song
Nikunja (Reunion) Video

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