Lost in Transition

Lost in Transition
(Germany - Berlin/Dusseldorf)

Lost in Transition Video

South African choreographer and film maker Kieron Jina, Berlin performer Jan-Sebastian Šuba, and Japanese dancer Miki Shoji locked themselves together in a studio for three weeks on initiative of choreographer Constanza Macras 'On Fire' and experimented with ideas and images of gender and tradition. The result is a reflection, lost in translation, on the possibilities of non-verbal communication, the influence of colours and forms on our understanding of gender and of the body and the ultimate question: “Do I look good in this?”

Kieron Jina did an extensive field research on the “invisible” male sex workers from Cape Town. Sebastian Suba collected statements, anecdotes and legends of male porn stars. Miki Shoji joins them for creating an interdisciplinary performance work about hidden transactions and overexposed bodies, confessions and professions, witnessing and peeping. On the performativity of sex and the instability of gender.