Lozenge: suppression of pain

    Lozenge-- a relationship through time travel and the encounters that signify a
    relationship that has ups/downs and past/present memories...traces of one’s
    past. The ideas of identity within a relationship are questioned by one’s own
    I began with a simple question: “How does one define the notion of authentic self
    within a workshop theatre process?” And the methodology was creatively
    suggested within Lozenge—suppression of pain.
    I’d like to thank Salome Asega for being my creative support within the video
    stages, even though we lost time for which we could have seen and toured more
    of my beautiful country, South Africa. Cross-cultural boundaries have been
    reconnected. The connection within this process has devised a clear platform
    for future artistic collaboration. To my six Lozenge cast members who have
    taken this concept to a level unimaginable, I’ve appreciated your artistic
    intelligence and time in which you have contributed to the crafting of Lozenge.
    Thank you for allowing yourselves to open and avail a new question of identity.
    The quest to find an authentic self has been noted as a creative and collaborative
    journey into the art of identity.
    ...It’s time to heal our bodies.

    Director: Kieron Jina
    Filming and editing: Salome Asega / Kieron Jina
    Designers: Karabo Legoabe
    Thabo Kunutu
    Tanya Sack
    Trumpeter: Mattheu Kieswetter
    Running Time, 50 minutes no interval
    Cast: Moshe Singer
    Nondumiso Msimanga
    Lungile Rikhotso
    Lareece Kelly
    Keitumetse “Kitty” Moepang
    Nyaniso Ntsikelelo Dzedze
    Extra Filming cast: Paul Leopold
    Bradley Montgomery
    Chelsey Orsmond

    LOZENGE: The suppression of pain  LOZENGE: The suppression of pain  LOZENGE: The suppression of pain  LOZENGE: The suppression of pain  Lozenge