MakeApp 메이크앱

MakeApp 메이크앱
(South Korea/ Seoul)

MakeApp is a collaborative project consisting of choreographers and a visual artist from Uganda, South Africa and Korea. The project is based on the phenomenon of beauty as it relates to health and other aspects in our contemporary society. This phenomenon is subjective to the social and cultural backgrounds of each of these artists.
Their first performance would be presented in a gallery in South Korea and then South Africa as a result of a one month research related to ‘Korean’s and African's apparent obsession with specific constructs of beauty, the body and health’. The movement composition is influenced by trends of plastic surgery, fitness, diet, traditional rituals and fashion within the contemporary African and Korean culture.

Choreographers & Dancers/ Artist _안무 및 무용수/ 작가 :
Kieron Jina_키론 지나 (South Africa)
Catherine Nakawesa_캐서린 나카웨사 (Uganda)
Jin Young Park_박진영 (South Korea)
Youngjoo Cho_조영주 (South Korea)

Supported by_후원 :
space O'NewWall, Arts Council Korea, Studio 2tti, Mullae Art Factory, Stash The Suitcase Collective, Dr. Peter Süß _스페이스 오뉴월, 한국문화예술위원회, 스튜디오2tti, 문래예술공장,
Sponsored by_주최 :
Arts Council Korea_한국문화예술위원회

Hosted by_ 주관:
Dance forum and space O'NewWall_스페이스 오뉴월
Seonjamro 12-6, Seoul, S. Korea_서울특별시 성북구 선잠로 12-6
Tel: 070 4401 6741






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