Directed, choreographed and video designed by Kieron Jina

    “Disasters are taking place across the world, mutilations, torture, rape and abductions. People slashed with machetes, body parts sold. Girls forced into sexual slavery. Babies crying their legs chopped off. Women’s breasts sliced from them before or after they are gang raped and left to die. This is the reality of the world we choose to live in. Poverty has been one of the central driving forces for rampage across our continent, ‘Rampage’ is a performance/visual art piece, utilising dance and visual images to highlight the aftermath of these devastating events. It is time for activism against ‘Rampage!’”

    “Someone can’t just shoot 20 to 30 bullets without any reaction from the police!”

    Choreographer: Kieron Jina

    Company: Stash the Suitcase Collective

    Music: Various Musical Artists

    Performers: Mmakgosi Kgabi, Lareece Kelly, Kyle Dylan De Boer

    Video Art: Kieron Jina

    Stage Manager: Albert Silindokuhle Ibokwe Khoza




    Click here for the 'RAMPAGE' video →

    Rampage-6 Rampage-8 Rampage-9 Rampage-10 Rampage-11 Rampage-13 Rampage-14 Rampage-15Rampage