Till death do us part!

(A Performance Art Procession)

Conceptualisation and design: Kieron Jina
Performance Artists: Kieron Jina and Joni Barnard
Musical score: Davina Satori
Curator and production management: Negiste Johnson
Photographers: Khaya Bhubesii Sibiya, Kalashnikovv Gallery,
Rachel Baasch

Let’s face it: same sex marriages are taboo in many parts of Africa. With the rise of oppressive policies and homophobic attitudes across the continent, it has never been more important to research, discuss and understand this criticized and disparaged tradition. Interdisciplinary artist Kieron Jina investigates the diversity of masculinity in Africa, sourcing material from African traditions, Western traditions and popular culture. Spectators are encouraged to participate and join this procession to celebrate difference.

Marriage can be a birth of a commitment...and the abortion of the commitment.
Till death do us part is an exploration of my relationship towards the illusion of the institution of marriage as the intimate outsider.
Marriage is never a given: statistics...
The illusion created of the eternal fusion of marriage.
Death of the body and the Death of the spirit: disparities between religion, culture and ethnic perceptions of marriage.
Love and marriage go together like horse and carriage, but who is the horse and who is the carriage?


Kieron Jina Photographed by Khaya Bhubesii Sibiya


Kieron Jina Photographed by Rachel Baasch



Till death do us part by Kieron Jina. Photographer Rachel Baasch.1


Till death do us part! Kieron Jina

Photographers:Khaya Bhubesii Sibiya, Kalashnikovv Gallery, Rachel Baasch